CarbonBlack TyreXchange is an independent online reverse auction for tyres to provide:

  • Consumers with choice, education and control over their tyre purchases
  • Resellers with low-cost, success-based, qualified leads through an additional channel to market


CarbonBlack brings over 20 years in online direct marketing experience and over 60 years in the tyre industry on the technical and manufacturing side. Preparation for launch included 18 months of market research around the changing profiles of the highest value tyre buyers and resellers.


We are not aligned with any manufacturer, dealer or wholesaler.

Some of the benefits to consumers


CarbonBlack provides the tyre buyer with a one-stop shop to research tyres and resellers and select the best product offer from the resellers in their area.


The key value-adding features of CarbonBlack include:

  • Independent information to assist consumers
  • Competitive bids
  • Tailored product/service offers
  • Dealer and product reviews
  • Tyre safety, education and general advocacy
  • Tyre expert advice
  • Choice of resellers ­ both in number of stores and distinct supplier groups
  • Choice of brands ­ all major Australian brands and many import brands
Some of the benefits to resellers
CarbonBlack offers dealers an alternative cost effective channel of advertising that has measurable effectiveness
  • Low cost customer reach
  • Qualified, hot customer leads
  • Time – resellers choose when you want to view your leads and which offers to make
  • Knowledge of customer needs, requirements and profiles
  • Live reporting
  • Direct marketing platform – consumers can be targeted for relevant promotions, advertising and research based on their profiles
  • Compensation for no-show customers
  • Marketing power for smaller players


Some of the benefits to manufacturers

  • Ability to influence consumer purchasing decisions (eg. OE pull-through)
  • Powerful ability to target consumers based on the car they drive
  • Ability to provide resellers with updated product information and marketing collateral