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Tyre Review Interpretation by Allan Henry

Tyre Performance Parameters:

• Wet grip
• Dry grip
• Wet braking
• Steering response
• Noise level
• Tread wear.

Ranking of importance based on:

1. Safety - the first priority
2. Ability to control the vehicle – also a safety issue
3. Comfort & fatigue factors – on long trips, also a safety issue
4. Cost factors

Note that cost factors may be very important to some drivers, but less so to others who may be prepared to pay a higher price to gain greater safety.

Criteria  Why is this important?
Ranking of importance (more stars = more important)
Wet grip
affects steering & braking on wet roads 4 Star RatingSafety issue
Dry grip affects steering & braking on dry roads 4 Star RatingSafety issue
Wet braking
ability to stop on wet roads 4 Star RatingSafety issue
Steering response affects driver's ability to steer the car 3 Star Rating    Driver control issue
Noise comfort and fatigue factor 3 Star Rating    Fatigue issue
Treadwear  cost issue  Individual - important to many drivers


For more information on how to interpret tyre reviews see a more detailed article in the CarbonBlack blog.  


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