Top 5 questions asked by tyre buyers on CarbonBlack

How does the process work?

Using CarbonBlack is really simple.
Submit your details on your tyres and related services
Wait for dealer bids
Compare and select the offer that meets your requirments
Visit the dealer to get your tyres fitted.

For more information see How it Works.

Q. How much do I have to pay to use CarbonBlack?

Nothing!! CarbonBlack is a FREE service. You pay the dealer directly for your new tyre(s) and services.

Note: Once you have accepted a bid and do not show up, (‘a no show’), we will charge a no show fee of $30, $20 of which is passed onto the dealer.

Q. Will the dealers provide the best advice?

It is in the interest of the dealers to provide the best advice as you will have the choice to either deal with them or with one of their competitors.
CarbonBlack provides you with an entire section headed “about tyres” to compare offers in order to make an informed decision.
You can read any prior dealer reviews (if available) from other tyre buyers before selecting the right offer. You also have the option of providing a dealer review once you have comleted your transaction for other tyre purchasers to share your experience of the dealer.

How can I be sure that the dealer will have and will be able to fit my tyres when I get there?
Within the offers you receive the dealers indicate how many days they need to get the tyre(s) in stock if they are not already. You can also set a mutually agreed appointment time.

Q. What do I need to know about tyres to use CarbonBlack?

CarbonBlack does 2 things to build your knowledge before you buy tyres:
Brings to you expert advice from the dealers
Allows you to use our research centre to compare offers received.

CarbonBlack also provides the dealer with the information they need, quickly and efficiently, to recommend the most appropriate tyre for you.

What dealers will receive my tyre request?
You select your post code to find dealers in your geographic region. You may also wish to include dealers in surrounding area (post codes). Most tyre buyers choose dealers in their home or work post code.

Do I pick up my tyres or will the dealers install them?
You choose. Most tyre buyers have the dealer install and balance the tyres. If you wish to install them yourself or have someone else install them, you’ll have to untick the box next to ‘fitment’.